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Welcome Mofos!

Welcome ZED-Heads! This site was launched October 31st, 2007 to honour the 10th anniversary of FUNKALUPATROPOLIS! Over the course of the last few years, many people have asked me many questions surrounding the band’s history – the good times, the bad times, the times of dirty love, etc. I hope this site will help answer those questions by posting every week or so.

ZED Poster 1
Our first CD release party poster by Chris Graham.

Earlier this year, when Facebook hooked people like crack, a young ZED-Head named Tim Steffen, from London, Ontario, our birthplace and hometown hunted down and connected with various members of the band online and even started a Facebook group. Apparently, young Tim had joined us on stage about 10 years ago, sneaking into the 19+ show. He danced his ass off and has been a superfan ever since. After connecting with Tim online, I felt inspired to launch this site, for all the nostalgic Mofos like myself. After digging through the many boxes of stuff, I realized there were still many stories about this ride left to tell. I found tons of material, old posters, demo tapes, video clips, and other incriminating (and sometimes tasteless) evidence to joyfully share with the world.

I’ve never really blogged before, so go easy on me yo! Every week or so I will try to post something. There are many topics and many people associated with this band. Over time, you’ll see pictures of those people missing in the banner – the crazy funksters who joined the family and brought the funk. The list of Zuul’s personnel is almost as large as our geography – from Ajay in Los Angeles, California, to D’eedz in Iroquois Falls, Ontario, to Stew in London, U.K.

There are many questions that people would like answered. Questions like,”Why did so and so leave?”, “What is a soul fridge?”, “What’s with the jumping jacks?”, “Where’s Prince?”,”Who owned the most German Porn?”, “Where can I get a new ass?”, and much much more.

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for supporting the band all these years, showing the love, coming to the shows, stalking us, sharing your ideas, clothes, substances, and sometimes questionable sexual practices, and for making us a part of your music collection. I hope you enjoy memory alley as much as I do.

Keep the funk alive, and on with THA STORY


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