Zuul’s Evil Disco


Ajay always had a way with words and he coined this way back in the day. This song is really special to me because his nephew who was maybe a year old at the time we recorded this, sang the bridge back to me one day when I was holding him. It really changed me. It’s one thing for someone in the crowd to sing your song drunk out of their minds, but a little child? I remember writing that bridge line: “bah bah bad-da, bah bah bah da da da da” and thinking it was catchy… from my brain to this kid’s memory. If a child sings back something – it’s catchy. To this day, I still think about it every time I hear the song.

Speaking of which, some wacked out cat on YouTube named “Fortey” put this wicked video together about the song. Hope you dig it – I did! Thanks Mista Fortey!